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Design schools are legacies. It is not uncommon for a student there to learn from existing distinguished faculty, only to go on to become an educator herself, imparting design knowledge to future students. You will see this ‘trend’ at Trendz Academy, where our creative faculty has learnt from and studied with the best when they were students at top design schools themselves! This, right here, is one of the prime reasons why you should consider signing up at Trendz. We have the inside knowledge of what the professors and examiners at various design institutes are looking for during student selection. As Trendz’s alumni will tell you: the lowdown to the entire process, along with the knack to breeze through it, is shared here with no strings attached. It does not matter what type of coaching module you choose, all of it caters to your concurrent academic schedules and pressures without making any of it feel like a burden. Why should you join Trendz Academy? Quite simply, because we are succeeding in our objectives.  We must be doing something right!

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