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Two people. A couple. Ashish and Meenakshi Popli. And the birth of an institution that many call family. Welcome to Trendz Academy. Ours is a simple story. Backtracking some 17 years ago, Ashish and Meenakshi, both design professionals and afficionados, passionate about their fields, realised something. While there were so many out there “teaching” fledglings how to make it to big design schools, there was a huge gap when it came to connecting with students, understanding their passion, plumbing the depths of their talent, creating that longing for innovation and personally guiding them in their journeys. This touched a chord, the outcome of which is Trendz Academy as you know it today.

Trendz has always been about you because you were our muse when we created it! We firmly focus on one clear objective: helping young, impressionable minds like yours understand the mindset needed to become a designer. Sure, this takes time, this takes patience, this takes hardwork seasoned with tons of affection. But, we are eager and willing to go the distance taking no short-cuts when it comes to our most precious gems: you!

As an institution that imparts the know-how needed to crack entrance examinations for NIFT or any other design institute, Trendz firmly believes that the secret lies in freeing your mind and allowing it to really think. You do not need to be a scholar…just be observant, flexible and think positive! Our students will tell you, we aren’t ‘teachers’ in the strictest sense; rather, designers who work with you as friends and soon become family that you can fall back on for guidance of any kind!

Apart from coaching, the focus here is on honing the skills and aspirations of each student with respect to their relevant field of interest, encouraging them to experiment on and analyse what directions in design are meant for them. Yes, you do need basic key qualities such as innovative thinking, a creative ability, the capability to draw, visual perception, aesthetic sensibilities and a strong empathy with the user…But Trendz recognises that for you to succeed as a true designer, you will also need to acquire certain skills in presentation and illustration, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, commercial and entrepreneurial areas, networking, teamwork, having a sharp perspective, global awareness and many more things.  These are the areas we tirelessly work on, to inculcate within you, not just the stamp of a designer, but the spirit of being one!

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