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Greetings my dear students! If you’re here, it can only mean that design has captured your interest and you want to begin the process of finding yourselves in the hallowed halls of the country’s much coveted design institutes! You’re in the right place…Thank you for your interest in preparing yourselves for the entrance examinations of NIFT, NID and many other legendary design schools in India.

It is at Trendz Academy that you not only get to learn what entrance exams are all about, but are also groomed to think, walk and talk like a designer! If you feel like there’s a chance you might want to live, breathe, eat and sleep design, you’ve already started the process! Founded by an alumnus of NIFT, India’s premier fashion designing institutes, Trendz has a complete insight into both, the workings of a design institute and the design industry itself.

Here, budding designers will find a safe haven where they can find the support, they need to understand which field of design to choose; how to go about applying for it; which institute will suit their needs best; and subsequently prepare for the relevant entrance exams in a flexible manner along with regular studies. Not only are there regular training classes, but also online and postal courses for home study and preparation with faculty support available at any time.

Be assured, we understand that each one of you is an individual, unique in your own way. You would be able to experience this in our capacity to respect your individual learning capacity and methods that may be different from others. You may be a good reader or only a good listener, you may learn better when you study alone or understand lessons easily mostly in a full classroom with your peers…each one of you will be understood and valued for your variations and allowed to express your creativity here! Even our training courses have been designed with this in mind and will suit each one of you. Trendz Academy offers three modes of coaching: classroom, online and postal.

As you enter the threshold of Trendz, you will find that this is a temple of knowledge where design is worshipped and those who worship design are honoured with the freedom to express their creativity in limitless proportions. So reach out to us at Trendz. Let us hold your hand in this journey and give you the wings to fly to the best design institutes in the country!


  • Brainstorming and other idea-generating techniques
  • Exercises to develop the mind
  • Understanding your sketching tools
  • How to start drawing and freehand sketching
  • Fundamentals of design
  • How to use design for design school entrance exams
  • Composing skills
  • Creative writing skills
  • Coloring made easy
  • Theme appreciation
  • Situation reaction
  • Design as a career
  • Math/logical reasoning/english (for the relevant exams)
  • Mock tests to build your speed and confidence

…And it goes without saying, all of the above are always complemented by the personalised attention for which we at Trendz are famous!

Live Classes

If there’s anything that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that the show must go on…albeit without jeopardising anyone’s safety! Using the online medium for most activities is the best way to achieve this. In keeping with the need of the hour, Trendz Academy is now offering you a powerful new way to learn through the online medium. Our exclusive live classes ensure a smooth transition from traditional classroom teaching and learning to an absolutely engaging educational experience…delivered entirely online! In celebration of a new beginning of sorts for both, learners and educators,each class has been designed to include a carefully curated set of assignments that will ensure content mastery by the end of the class. These live classes will allow you to masterfully learn all the skills and knowledge you will need to attend design school entrance exams. Not just this, each class has also been created to encourage a mindset of lifelong learning.

Check out some of the recordings of Trendz Academy’s live classes.




Online e-learning Programme

Adding to the many ‘firsts’ that we have been known for over the years, is our online e-learning coaching programme. This programme, created and designed completely by TrendzAcademy, is the first of its kind in India for the NIFT/NID/NATA entrance exam preparations! It delivers exactly the same ‘offline’ training courses, only this time, directly to your computer or laptop…and it comes at affordable prices too! This programme allows a student to access our training courses at any point of time from anywhere. You will also be able to view your progress through a personalised learning dashboard. Students will have access to the complete study material in an e-book format along with tests and previous years’ papers. This programme entitles you to one-on-one interactions with all faculty members for any feedback, query or doubt that you might have. You also have the option of combining this programme with videos of our live classes for an extra fee. Furthermore, a few e-books in this programme have recordings of short videos for better clarity on the topic being discussed.


Drawing Video Link – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1beGDZCUHvIWWwRWP-MobbjFKm-X1zirw


Maths Video Link – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fis0NDUtjs9TGj0o18hHmsFGkZd7UQZ

Some video samples you could check out…


Apart from the E-Books the Online E- Learning offers Video tutorials also.




Postal Coaching

Trendz Academy also offers the option of postal coaching where your study material reaches you in a printed format enabling you to remotely accomplish your training for the entrance exams of the design school of your choice.

Classroom Coaching

Students of class 12 have a packed academic schedule. But, don’t let that deter you. We at Trendz have acknowledged this constraint and have designed our classroom coaching module. This module lets you take our training exclusively on weekends without compromising on your regular academics. Each weekend will focus on a particular area of knowledge that is required to crack any design school entrance exam. Our highly experienced faculty members will back you into giving your best to each of these areas. During the week, keep pace with your school academics…after all, there’s no cracking NIFT exams without a timely and stellar board performance!

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