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What We Offer

TRENDZ is with you in all the ways

At Trendz we believe that each student is unique in his own way and his learning capacity and methods are different than others. Any student can be good reader but the one may be good listener. Any student can learn while studying alone, but other can understand things easily while in classroom. We at Trendz understand this variation, so we have designed our courses to suit all of you. If you know yourself, come and pick your course or discuss with us. We will guide for the best appropriation. We have three modes available for Coaching


  • Brainstorming and other idea generating techniques

  • Exercises to develop the mind

  • Understanding your sketching tools

  • How to start drawing and freehand sketching


  • A true worth of your money!

  • Starts from the scratch

  • Online mock tests for NIFT and NID patterns to give you practice

  • Fundamentals of design


  • Education right to your home at your time

  • Offers more individual attention

  • Immediate Results and Feedback

  • The Most Up-to-Date Content at Much Lower Cost