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Short Listed candidates fro the entrance examination are required to undergo a Studio Test. This test evaluates the candidates skills for materials handling and innovative ability on a given situation with a given set of materials. Unlike the NIFT situation test there is not just one model they have to make, rather they have around 4-5 different tests. The material given could be clay where for eg. they have to depict a feeling like happiness using it. In one of the rounds they can give foam and the question asked could be create a half cut apple using a wet foam. Next material exploration could be by paper, the task could be make a cube of 6 inches without using any scale. One of the task involves creating a working model using the given set of materials. For example wires. ice cream sticks, straws and 2 potatoes were given and the task was to design an object which can move and can create sound also, Next there is a personality assessment test also. The NID studio test comprises of testing individuals five senses. After this they are called for interview. it is always advisable that the candidate carries his portfolio at the time of interview.


A candidate is judged on the various parameters as listed below:

  • Career Orientation
  • Aptness for the field
  • Overall personality traits
  • Overall Personal Achievements in academics and co-curricular activities
  • General Awareness and Aptitude


  1. Doodling test
  2. Observation test
  3. 3D Modeling (GDPD mainly)/ Specialization test (PGDPD)
  4. Other tests

1. NID DAT MAINS (Doodling)

  • 15-20 frames of incomplete lines
  • Used for pyscho-analyses
  • Need to express something
  • Need to have captions
  • Need to be tidy

2. NID DAT MAINS (Observation)

  • Testing awareness of 5 senses
  • Eg 1- Visual – Video clip, Photos etc
  • Eg 2- Touch – Identify objects
  • Eg 3- Audio – Music clip
  • Eg 4- Experiences at studio test

3. NID Studio Test (3D Model)

In GDPD – 3D Model per brief & materials

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