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The relationship between humans and products is almost as old as the history of human civilization. The field of product design is wide and encompasses multiple verticals within it. One may find numerous possibilities to intervene at multiple levels and at various scales and stages.


The Product Design Programme at TDV prepares the student to design products, not just for the current needs, but also products and systems of the future. It moves beyond a mere redesign or styling exercise to questioning the context, the use, the meaning and associations of each product and its purpose. The students question the brief, digging deeper to uncover the core problem or undefined need and then set out to solve that through product design interventions.



  • Materials, forms and manufacturing processes – Since the field involves physical manifestations of design ideas, it is very important to be aware of the materiality and the process of actualization of the ideas. Materials, forms and manufacturing processes is a mega course comprising the process of selection and application, technical details, assembly techniques, finishes and many more. Form development is an integral part of the process, but is not independent of material considerations and never supersedes the functionality of the product.
  • Product development – model making, product ergonomics, prototyping and other such courses help students develop necessary skills to tackle the most complex product development.
  • Human centered design – UX and UI become important aids that facilitate the design explorations of the product design student at TDV. Courses like color theory, ethnography, psychology help in keeping the students’ focus on the users.


The students go through a course in Product Ergonomics to better understand the ergonomic functions of a product and how one could tweak the design to make the product better adaptive to audiences. They work on detailing and finishing through constantly exploring and making prototypes throughout the process. They also are exposed to interesting courses like Structure and Kinetics, Packaging… during their education at TDV.


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