Photography Design aims to support the advanced study and practice of a wide range of photographic practices. It offers a unique opportunity to develop body of work that engages with the photographic image within the context of a critical understanding of contemporary photography and visual culture. It engages in the creative process and comprehends the physical and intellectual demands of the visual artist. The development of new conceptual strategies and an understanding of the broader debates surrounding photography practice are all a very important part of the course. Practice units begin by encouraging students to work experimentally, questioning their own methods as well as those of other contemporary practitioners. The practice is underpinned by history and theories that supports in the consideration of the context; audience and professional relevance of their practice in an independent or commercial environment. Students are expected to develop strong and original practice based projects and an ability to evaluate this work critically. Postgraduates of this program can seek work ranging from a highly specialized, technical variety of the field that requires creativity and visual literacy such as press/ news photography, documentary photography, fine art photography etc and other related fields like Curation, Archiving, Documentation and Research in Photography. Students get International exposure through exchange programs, “CHHAYA” international conference, exhibitions and from practitioners as visiting faculties from across the globe. The course runs over five semesters (2 ½ years) full-time, starting every June of the year.