New Media attempts to examine the impact (change) that technologies may have on mankind in the future. The thoughtful and appropriate application of technology at an individual, organizational and national level can lead to significant economic benefits, while being aware of its cultural impact. Through a historical grounding in art, craft and design practices; surveying of scientific and technology landscape of the world; and building an ability to keenly observe the cultural fabric of the country, students of new media (should) develop integrated and context relevant solutions for addressing contemporary issues. Contemporary practice and study of new media is at the intersection of art, craft, science, technology and design. In this sense the programme is truly transdisciplinary. Students of new media design should be capable of creating associations / cross linkages across the fields of art, science, technology and design. They should be able to function in situations where lack of definition persists, and define their own practices and grounds, informed through practice and research. There are three primary objectives of the programme. Exploring / critically examining the relationship between technology and culture. Gaining competency in judging the appropriate application of technology. Developing insights leading to the invention of new technology.