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If there’s anything that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that the show must go on…albeit without jeopardising anyone’s safety! Using the online medium for most activities is the best way to achieve this. In keeping with the need of the hour, Trendz Academy is now offering you a powerful new way to learn through the online medium. Our exclusive live classes ensure a smooth transition from traditional classroom teaching and learning to an absolutely engaging educational experience…delivered entirely online! In celebration of a new beginning of sorts for both, learners and educators, each class has been designed to include a carefully curated set of assignments that will ensure content mastery by the end of the class. These live classes will allow you to masterfully learn all the skills and knowledge you will need to attend design school entrance exams. Not just this, each class has also been created to encourage a mindset of lifelong learning.

Check out some of the recordings of Trendz Academy’s live classes.


Creative Classes

Maths Logic Classes

Drawing Classes

Composition Classes

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