The Lifestyle Accessory Design (LAD) postgraduate programme educates and trains professional designers to visualize and create lifestyle accessories and systems using different materials, processes and technologies. The programme inspired from India and its socio cultural values, beliefs, practices, cultural diversity and indigenous knowledge which has contemporary application in a global context. The designers from this programme aspire to drive the market and make ‘Designed in India’ a premier global brand. “Design in India and Design for India” will have a clear goal of “good design for India “and instrumental in socio cultural innovation by Designing for changing need and Design for Future Need. IIt relates to people’s living habits and the products they interact with which form an important basis of their day to- day lives. It delves into perception and trend studies of diverse dynamics infiuencing the lifestyles of consumers from various strata of society. It offers a strong multidisciplinary edge wherein the students get opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of product categories – jewelry, bags, luggage, footwear, lighting, furnishings, furniture, space accessories and automobile interiors. The programme curriculum encourages students to Develop alternative approaches to designing products by building innovative, out-of-the-box thinking skills while ensuring that the design solutions successfully accomplish their commercial expectations. Design projects, which are actively plugged into the curriculum, provide a vital learning experience whereby the students exhibit their capability to converge and synthesize their creativity, skills and knowledge base to come up with tangible outputs. A plethora of rewarding career opportunitiesis available to LAD graduates across diverse industry segments where a growing number of alumni are meaningfully contributing.