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Leather Design caters to the requirements of the leather industry both in terms of goods and apparel. The programme offered by the Department of Fashion & Apparel emphasises on the integration of design concepts in leather apparel and products with material knowledge to respond to the requirements of specific target markets. Exposure to the industry through field trips, tannery training and industry internship is an important part of the curriculum. The multidisciplinary approach including inputs ranging from market research, material and technical knowledge for product development develops an ability in students to handle different materials for different product types in leather.


Year 1

Common Foundation Programme in Design

Common Foundation Programme in Design

Year 2

The second year focuses on understanding leather and non-leather materials, development of design skills and product realisation concepts. Students will study Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making and Construction, Leather Processing, Surface Techniques, Field Studies, Computer Applications, Retailing and Design Projects in garments and small goods.

Year 3

The third year builds on the learning of the previous year with additional focus on understanding of manufacturing processes, leather processing techniques and further applications of design concepts and skills. Advanced Illustration and Technical Drawings, Advanced Pattern Making and Construction, Merchandising & Supply Chain, Production Systems and Analysis are the other areas of study. Students also undergo an industry internship for hands-on experience.

Year 4

The final year focuses on Research and Development in design with choices in electives. Students will undertake industry sponsored Graduation Project in the areas of design and production.


The programme equips students to pursue a wide range of careers in the Leather industry in the areas of Product Development, Merchandising, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Retail and other areas. The programme also hones entrepreneurial skills enabling students to set up Manufacturing and Export / Domestic Units.

Star Employers

Alpine International, Liberty, Crew BOS, Century Overseas, BCC, Triburg, Superhouse Leathers Ltd., Apollo International, Rabia Leathers, Impulse, ABC Leathers Ltd., Vivaldi Leathers, Bhartiya International, etc.

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