The interaction design program at NID would focus on aspects of design and behaviour of various forms of digital products ranging from mobile, web based to dynamic ones in gaming, education, transportation, healthcare, banking, retail and other domains. This program is offered as a two and half years Master of Design program in interaction design. This program educates the students on concepts, theories, practices and processes in the area of interaction design. The design projects and courses aligned for the various semesters progressively move from being able to communicate concepts, web & mobile platforms, to dynamic interactive interfaces and ­nally to look at product appliances & interfaces with strong relationship to physicality of the space context. The programme is a research driven and provides importance to various dimensions/aspects of interaction design: Sensory-perceptual-cognitive-behavioural and sociocultural-aesthetic etc. The students would gain adequate knowledge and training enabling them to design wide range of products using varied digital media/technologies and for diverse target audiences. They would develop the ability to conceptualize, visualize and prototype products following design process that begins with research phase and progresses till the ­nal design development. The two and half years program spans across 5 semesters with design projects in each semester. The students spend four semesters with focus on academic work. In the ­nal 5th Semester, the student takes up real / live design project with the industry or design or academia. Candidates seeking admission to the M Des. program in interaction design could be from varied backgrounds such as graduates in varied engineering disciplines, ­ne arts, architecture, 4-year diploma in design. The prospective students are required to be passionate and be aware of the emerging digital and product trends. Post graduates of interaction design program could look for career opportunities with various industry verticals such as IT services & products, consumer durables & devices, automotive, healthcare, media etc.