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Writing an entrance exam for a design school of your choice requires you to be ready in three main aspects: creativity, excellent drawing skills and the capacity to apply logic and reasoning in your field. This course prepares you to excel in and grasp all of these aspects enabling you to stay confident and on top of things when it comes to cracking design school entrance exams.

DRAWING-Just like you would need to use a clutch when driving a car, there are basic principles that must be employed when drawing. Only, they’re not so obvious, making them easy to overlook. We quote from the story ‘Little Prince’ when we say, “ What is essential is invisible to the eye”. This is the space that we at Trendz are trying explore in our courses and this is the concept that we also hold in the highest regard in our training. It is through this concept that your drawing training will begin as we progress towards creating a solid foundation in drawing for you. Consequently, the application of invisible elements to object drawing will be taught after which you will be taken on a magical journey of acquiring talent and creating pieces of art.

  • Lines-When we sketch, paint or draw, we do it through our strokes and lines are the elementary requirement for it. Control over your strokes will ensure that your drawings start looking more like what you have imagined. This is something you can achieve solely through repeated practice.
  • Shapes-Shape in a design refers to the spaces that result from the intersecting and enclosing of the lines. Shapes are considered to be of two types: natural and man-made. Natural shapes are those that have counterparts in nature such as leaves, rocks, plants, trees etc. Man-made shapes are considered geometric and are expressed in buildings as one example.
  • Objects-An object can be a conversion of shapes and lines. For example, identifying the skeleton of an object, sketching it out and then filling in the detailing of elements to convert the skeleton into a complete object is one of the aspects that your training in drawing will entail.
  • Detailed object study-This includes some practice exercises which have been created specifically for drawing practice by a team of NID alumni.
  • Shading- This element is responsible for breathing life and lending depth to a particular drawing.
  • Human Drawing- This aspect in drawing will allow you to give your fingers a chance to appreciate and recreate one of God’s most precious creations- the human being…at least on paper! Better understanding of proportions, movements and nuances of the human form has always been an important area of study for modern civilizations and this is why artists have always made it their central focus.
  • Compositions-A composition is the organization or grouping of different parts of a work of art so as to achieve a unified whole.
  • Perspective-The technique that an artist uses to depict a three-dimensional space on a flat surface is called perspective. This is based on the way the human eye sees the world. This technique will be fine-tuned within your range of expertise during the drawing training at Trendz.
  • Proportion-Proportion is the most basic element that takes precedence when we draw, particularly when drawing a human image. It is also common knowledge that proportion defines almost everything in drawing…a leg too short or eyes too big can completely destroy a good piece of drawing! 
  • Trendz Academy’s drawing training has an expansive list of many more topics that will be taught to our discerning students.


  • Number analogy
  • Series completion
  • Blood relations
  • Data sufficiency
  • And much more…

Course Fee-
Classroom Program– Rs. 55,000/-
Winter Crash Course (3 Month) – Rs. 20,000/-
Crash Course (1 Month) – Rs. 10,000/-
Postal Program– Rs. 5,000/-
Online Program – Rs. 3000/-
Online Mock Test Series – Rs. 1000/-

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