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Preparing for design school entrance exams in 2024, such as the NID Exam, NIFT Exam, and IIT CEED, demands a comprehensive focus on key aspects that will set you apart. The upcoming NID entrance exam in 2024 holds immense significance for aspiring designers, and excelling in this test requires a combination of creativity, exceptional drawing skills, and the ability to apply logic and reasoning. With our specialized course, you will be equipped to tackle the challenges posed by the NID Exam in 2024, NIFT Exam in 2024, and IIT CEED in 2024 with confidence and finesse. Our comprehensive training program not only nurtures your creativity but also hones your drawing skills and strengthens your logical thinking. By mastering these essential aspects, you will be well-prepared to crack the NID entrance exam 2024 and other prestigious design school exams. Our course empowers you to grasp and excel in all the required elements, ensuring that you remain confident and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of design school entrance exams in 2024.


Our comprehensive course is designed to duly equip you with the fundamental techniques necessary to aptly nurture your hidden creativity, which plays a pivotal role in excelling in the nid entrance exam 2024, NIFT exam 2024, and iit ceed in 2024. Through our program, you will duly acquire the skills to navigate various scenarios, unravel complex problems, and confidently handle a massive array of themes presented during these supremely competitive entrance exams. Discover the sheer power of creativity as you start to prepare for the nid exam in 2024, NIFT exam in 2024, iit ceed in 2024, and the nid entrance exam 2024, empowering yourself to certainly surpass expectations and achieve duly remarkable results..

1. Introduction to design: At Trendz Academy, we believe that design goes beyond textbook definitions. Our course on design in preparation for the nid exam in 2024, the NIFT exam in 2024, and iit ceed in 2024 takes a hands-on approach. Through a combination of engaging activities, assignments, and real-world examples, we provide comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to truly understand the essence of design.

2. Unleashing creativity: We encourage out-of-the-box thinking, nurturing your ability to generate a diverse range of ideas and express them effectively on paper. Developing your creative potential is a key aspect of our program for the nid entrance exam 2024, NIFT exam 2024, and iit ceed in 2024.

3. Problem-solving through brainstorming: Don’t let the term “brainstorming” intimidate you! It’s a simple yet powerful technique to solve problems. During the course, you’ll learn how to jot down spontaneous ideas related to a specific problem, gather information, and stimulate creative thinking. From pondering random objects to exploring words, feelings, images, and colors, you’ll master the art of brainstorming for the nid exam in 2024.

4. Unlocking creativity with mind mapping: Mind mapping is another valuable tool to ignite your creative spark. By connecting words and creating chains of relationships, you’ll learn to let your mind roam freely. The goal isn’t to reach a specific destination but to unleash your thoughts and make connections. Mind mapping will be an integral part of your journey for the NIFT exam in 2024 and iit ceed in 2024.

5. Choosing the best idea: While brainstorming and mind mapping generate a multitude of ideas, our course will guide you in selecting the best one. Whether you need to demonstrate flexibility by presenting multiple ideas or make a confident choice, we’ll provide you with the skills to evaluate and identify the strongest idea for the nid entrance exam 2024.

6. Exploring design elements: In-depth discussions on design elements such as point, line, shape, space, and texture will equip you with the necessary tools to create visually captivating compositions. Understanding these elements is crucial for excelling in the nid exam in 2024.

7. Mastering design principles: The principles of design act as a recipe for creating exceptional artwork. They guide the proper arrangement of elements, shaping the message and visual impact of your work. Through our course, you’ll delve into the principles that organize the structural aspects of design. These principles will be instrumental in conveying your creative expression for the NIFT exam in 2024 and iit ceed in 2024.

8. The art of colors: Colors have profound meanings and play a vital role in visual communication. We’ll delve into color theory, teaching you how different cultures associate colors with specific emotions and symbolism. Discover the power of colors and their intuitive impact on design as you prepare for the nid exam in 2024.

9. Material and weight considerations: Each material has its unique characteristics and appearance. Our course will foster sensitivity towards materials, helping you understand their properties and make informed design choices. Gain a deeper understanding of material and weight for the nid entrance exam 2024 and the NIFT exam in 2024.

10. Picture and word interpretation: Strengthen your conceptualization skills as you tackle the second part of design school entrance exams. You’ll learn to assign titles, themes, and captions to images based on a given list of words. This section of our course will prepare you for the creative challenges of the nid exam in 2024.

11. Completing the picture: Entrance exams often present you with incomplete pictures, challenging you to use your creative prowess to bring them to life. Our course will enhance your ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to complete these visual puzzles. Get ready to showcase your creative skills for the nid entrance exam 2024, NIFT exam 2024, and iit ceed in 2024.

12. Interpreting illustration: During entrance exams, you may encounter hypothetical situations that require you to create illustrations. We will provide you with the necessary techniques and guidance to effectively interpret these scenarios and bring them to visual fruition. Let your imagination soar as you prepare for the nid exam in 2024.

13. Stylization: Enhancing product features through styling is a vital aspect of design. Our course will teach you the art of stylization, enabling you to transform ordinary objects into visually appealing masterpieces. Prepare to unleash your creative flair for the NIFT exam in 2024 and iit ceed in 2024.

14. Redesigning a product: Problem-solving skills are essential when it comes to product redesign. Through a problem-solving approach, our course will equip you with the techniques to identify design challenges and provide innovative solutions. Get ready to showcase your problem-solving abilities for the nid entrance exam 2024.

15. Unleashing creativity in writing: Creative writing is a fundamental component of certain design schools like NID. We understand its importance and have incorporated it into our curriculum. Our course will teach you how to infuse creativity, humor, and wit into your words, captivating readers and leaving a lasting impact. Develop your creative writing skills for the nid exam in 2024, the NIFT exam 2024, and iit ceed in 2024.

16. Drawing inspiration from the masters: To excel in your chosen field, it’s crucial to draw inspiration from the works of established artists. We’ll share a collection of inspirational visuals and books, allowing you to duly learn from the masters and apply their meticulous insights whenever needed. Duly expand your creative horizons as you prepare for the nid entrance exam 2024, NIFT exam 2024, and iit ceed in 2024.

These categories provide a glimpse of the extensive creative training you’ll receive at Trendz Academy. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, where you’ll duly acquire invaluable skills and knowledge way beyond what is overtly outlined here. We are whole-heartedly committed to nurturing your creative potential and absolutely ensuring your success in the nid exam in 2024, the NIFT exam in 2024, and iit ceed in 2024


Imagine driving a car without knowing how to use the clutch—it would be quite a challenge, right? Well, just like that, drawing also has its own set of fundamental principles that you need to grasp. The only catch is that these principles aren’t always obvious, making them easy to miss. At Trendz, we believe in the words of the beloved story ‘Little Prince’ when it says, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” This philosophy is at the heart of our courses and forms the core of our training. It is through this concept that your exciting journey into the world of drawing begins as we build a strong foundation for you. We’ll dive into the application of these hidden elements in object drawing, unlocking your potential and taking you on a magical adventure of skill acquisition and art creation. So get ready to unleash your creativity and conquer the challenges that lie ahead, whether it’s the nid exam in 2024, the NIFT exam in 2024, or iit ceed in 2024. With our guidance, you’ll be well-prepared to excel in the nid entrance exam 2024 and beyond. Let’s embark on this artistic journey together!

1. Developing Proficiency in Strokes and Lines for NID Exam in 2024

When preparing for the NID exam in 2024, mastering strokes and lines become an essential requirement for sketching, painting, or drawing. Having control over your strokes allows your drawings to closely resemble your imagination. This level of skill can only be achieved through dedicated practice and repetition.


2. Understanding Shapes for NIFT Exam in 2024

In the context of design, shapes play a significant role as they result from the intersection and enclosure of lines. Shapes can be categorized as natural or man-made. Natural shapes, such as leaves, rocks, plants, and trees, find inspiration from the world around us. On the other hand, man-made shapes take geometric forms and can be observed in structures like buildings. Familiarizing yourself with different shapes is crucial for the NIFT exam in 2024.


3. Object Representation: Blending Lines and Shapes for IIT CEED in 2024

An object in drawing is a culmination of lines and shapes. It involves identifying the skeletal structure of an object and progressively adding details to create a complete representation. This skill will be honed during your training for the IIT CEED exam in 2024. You will learn to sketch the initial framework of an object and then refine it by adding intricate elements.


4. Comprehensive Object Study for NID Entrance Exam 2024

The NID entrance exam in 2024 requires a thorough understanding of objects and their representation. To enhance your drawing abilities, practice exercises specifically designed by NID alumni will be included in your training. These exercises will help you develop a keen eye for detail and precision.


5. Shading Techniques to Enhance Depth for NIFT Exam in 2024

Shading is a crucial element in drawing as it brings life and depth to your artwork. Understanding various shading techniques will be beneficial for the NIFT exam in 2024. Through shading, you can add dimensionality and realism to your drawings, making them visually appealing and captivating.


6. Human Drawing: Capturing Proportions for IIT CEED in 2024

Human drawing is a significant aspect of artistic expression. It allows you to appreciate and recreate the intricate details of the human form on paper. Developing a better understanding of proportions, movements, and nuances of the human body is essential for the IIT CEED exam in 2024. This area of study has always been central to artistic development, reflecting the beauty of humanity in various forms.


7. Composing Artwork for NID Exam in 2024

Creating a well-organized composition is vital in the field of art. It involves strategically arranging different elements within your artwork to achieve a harmonious and unified whole. The NID exam in 2024 will assess your ability to compose artwork effectively, considering balance, harmony, and visual impact.


8. Perspective: Conveying Depth and Space for NIFT Exam in 2024

Perspective is a fundamental technique used by artists to depict three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. Understanding and applying perspective correctly is crucial for the NIFT exam in 2024. This technique allows you to create realistic and convincing drawings by accurately portraying spatial relationships and depth perception.


Trendz Academy’s drawing training covers a wide range of topics tailored to aptly meet the requirements of discerning students preparing for exams like NID, NIFT, and IIT CEED in 2024. By enrolling in our program, you will receive comprehensive instruction and guidance in these key areas of artistic development.


  • Comprehension passage
  • Grammar
  • Word power (booklet)


  • Number system
  • Simple & compound interest
  • Speed, time & distance
  • Mensuration
  • And many more…


  • Number analogy
  • Series completion
  • Blood relations
  • Data sufficiency
  • And many more…


  • Books & author
  • Fashion
  • Indian history, geography, economics
  • Art & culture
  • Current affairs
  • And many more…

Course Fee-
Classroom Program– Rs. 55,000/-
Winter Crash Course (3 Month) – Rs. 20,000/-
Crash Course (1 Month) – Rs. 10,000/-
Postal Program– Rs. 5,000/-
Online Program (ebooks & test)– Rs. 3000/-
Online Program (Video tutorials ebooks & test) – Rs. 1500/-

Online Mock Test Series – Rs. 1000/-

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