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The Department of Design at IIT Hyderabad offers a vibrant environment for learning, practicing and exploring several facets of design. The department envisions creatively engaging in the space between technologies and people. This involves facilitating innovation in key emergent areas such as Participatory and collaborative Design, Professional Ethics/ Sustainability, Product Systems and Services, Design and education, Wellness, Crowd sourced Design. The degrees offered in this department are MDes degree, BDes degree and PhD degree in Design.

The intention behind the BDes course curriculum proposed by the Department of Design, is to tackle an increasing need and demand both with the academic and the professional aspect of the discipline for undergraduate programs in Design. The BDes curriculum is designed as part of a four level structure leading to a gradual movement from general, foundational courses at level 1 to more specialized inputs at level 4. The program attempts to constitute both the ‘general’ dimension of design (breadth) and the specific dimensions (depth) through a 4-level structure which allows gradual focus areas to emerge. As the student moves upwards from level 1 to level 2, the student graduates to choosing between courses which offer different kinds of skills from soft to hard. The courses at level 1 would help the students to choose the mix of skills they prefer to acquire. At level 3 it is hoped that the student is ready to fine tune a certain mix or a set of skills into a specialization. It is at this stage that the specializations emerge – Product Design, Visual Communication, User Experience Design, etc. At Level 4 the student employs all that has been gained in terms of skills and understanding and applies or uses them in independent projects. Level 4 is purely about design as a practice. It provides real-life environments to provide the students with a taste of what it means to practice design.


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