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Declaration / Undertakings

  /  Declaration / Undertakings
  2. I/We hereby declare that the information furnished on this enrolment form is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  3. I am taking admission in TRENDZ ACADEMY with the consent of my Father / Mother / Legal Guardian and after being satisfied in all respects.
  4. I/We understand that the fee for the chosen program is for the NIFT/NID/NATA/BFA/MFA/CEED/UCEED first round preparation only and non-refundable after 1 month of admission.
  5. I/We understand and acknowledge that TRENDZ ACADEMY does not give any guarantee / promise / assurance for success in NIFT/NID/NATA/BFA/MFA/CEED/UCEED or any other design institute’s entrance exams, in spite of providing the best faculty and methodology, due to high-end competition and limited number of seats in the respective institutes. I undertake that I shall not hold TRENDZ ACADEMY responsible if I may not succeed the NIFT/NID/NATA/BFA/MFA/CEED/UCEED or other design entrance exam.
  6. I have received the Books/Course Material ___________________________________________________________
  7. I/We acknowledge that the course materials provided to the student by TRENDZ ACADEMY during the course of study are the intellectual property of TRENDZ ACADEMY and solely for personal purposes and not for commercial use. I further undertake that I shall not provide / give / distribute it to anyone else.
  8. I/We further undertake that I/We shall attend the seminars / workshops / interview etc. conducted or associated by TRENDZ ACADEMY after achieving rank; however TRENDZ ACADEMY shall alone bear the entire cost and expenses in respect thereof. I further undertake that TRENDZ ACADEMY has sole right to use my name/pictures/videos and my work for advertisement purpose at media (print/ electronic/ web).
  9. I promise to abide by all rules and regulations of TRENDZ ACADEMY declaration, in letter and spirit.

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