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ASSIGNMENT NO.13 Designing products



  1. Design a foot wear to be worn at a sea side party
  2. Design a necklace inspired by sea life.
  3. Design a ring and an ear piece for miss universe.
  4. Design a time piece for DUSSEHRA FESTIVAL.
  5. Design a table taking inspiration from Chinese traditional laughing Buddha.
  6. A Table for an Architect
  7. Design a tea cup taking inspiration from nature.
  8. Design a wrist watch for a fashion designer.
  9. Design a watch for a young teenager.
  10. Design a TROPHY to be presented to the winner of a cricket match.
  11. Design a Momento for a Teacher`s day.
  12. Draw a design of a scarf using the following motif on it

Fish     Flower     Sun     Leaf     Peacock

  1. Create your original neck tie for a Designer`s Conference or A Disco Evening
  2. Sketch a Gift article and an appropriate gift wrapping paper.
  3. Design a new game that can be played with rubber ball by any of the following age groups given below

5 yr old children     18yr old teenager     65 yr old person

State 3 rules of the game and draw it.

  1. The government of a state has decided to issue a uniform for their licensed tourist guides. Draw the uniform for a male tourist guide keeping in mind the culture, functional and sensibility of the state. Name the state that you have chosen.
  2. You are in 2050. Design a lunch box or an umbrella
  3. The existing buckets are not convenient for use by elderly person. Sketch a bathroom bucket for elderly people with ease of use for bathing, as well as safe and easy to carry when filled with water. Also explain the effectiveness of your idea in maximum three sentences.
  1. Design an object out of a cube that could be used to place 10 books and a slot for Stationery. Illustrate with books and stationery.
  2. Best out of Waste !! Draw a consumer ready sellable product which is completely made out of waste materials or used products.
  3. Design  the following products for respective personality

1.Photo Frame

  • 2-3 year old
  • Architect
  • Doctor
  • Fashion Designer

2. Mouse Pad

  • Singer
  • Dentist
  • Engineer
  • Artist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Space Scientist Computer

3. Lamp

  • Lawyer
  • Housewife
  • Wizard/ Witch
  • Movie Buff

4. Pen Stand

  • Art
  • Model
  • Teenager
  • Social Worker

5.  Paper Weight

  • Accountant
  • Politician
  • Dancer
  • Photographer`s table
  • Astrologer

6. Coffee Mugs

  • Movie Star
  • Teacher
  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Fitness Trainer

7. Chair

  • Architect
  • Magician
  • Teenager

9. Wallet

  • Farmer
  • Religious person

8. Bag

  • Working lady
  • Bus conductor
  • Trekker

22. Mobile phones have become quite popular as communication design. Mobile phones do have great potential to address the special needs of the elderly. Your task is to Design a new mobile phone for elderly.


23. In case of dayto day activity in a household, one tedious activity is mopping of the fl A normal mop cannot reach all the crevices and under the furniture. Design a manually operated floor mop for domestic use.


24. Present road side waste containers are normally dirty, stinking and spilling over. Design roadside waste container bin(s) to be used in public places for segregation of the following categories of waste.

  • Different types of packaging
  • Wet and dry organic waste
  • Organic food waste


All other kinds ofleftover.


The container(s) should be rugged, movable so that the waste can be transported for periodic disposal.


Present your design proposal


26. Solar energy is readily available to everyone and there is no reason why we should not harness this for the purpose of cooking. People who keep migrating frequently, such as construction workers who are also economically challenged could particularly benefit from solar energy. Design a solar cooking unit to be used by construction worke The unit should be easy to   assemble, store and transport. It should be able to cook food for a minimum of 20 people at a time. When packed, its dimensions should not exceed 2 ft x 3 ft x 2 ft.


27. Cities have a large number of vendors who move around selling various commodi Due to the lack of dedicated space to sell, many vendors prefer to move around using hand carts and other accessories. Design a system or set of accessories to be used along with the existing bicycles, which the vendor can use to move around and sell toys for kids. The vendor should be able to display and sell the products when stationary/parked; as well as     pack up and move. Consider ease of assembly, material & manufacturing processes, ease of use, user friendly display, ease of opening and packing up.


27. A companyis planning to introduce an electric two-wheeler taxi in the city of Banaras (Varanasi) for local commuters and pilgrims. Design an electric two wheeler taxi by identifying at least five distinct and essential factors that will make it relevant for the city of Banaras in terms of function and aesthetic.


28. M Chatterjeea right-handed person, recently met with an accident and had to get his right hand amputated. He lives alone and therefore finds it difficult to perform everyday activities. Every morning a standard 500 ml milk pouch is delivered to his residence. One of the challenges he faces is to cut open the pouch and pour the milk into a utensil to heat the milk.


Design a product that can aid him to perform the following operations with ease:

  • Liftingand supporting the pouch
  • Cuttingthe pouch
  • Pouringthe milk without spilling


Discarding the empty pouch


29. A road side book seller wants to buy a new 2-wheeler that can also serve as a book display kios He wants to use it as a kiosk during the day, but in the evenings or on the weekends, he wants to take his family members out for trips.


  • Design a new 2-wheeler solution that can enable him to perform the following functions:
  • Travel from home to his workplace or crowded market
  • Set up the kiosk for selling 100 books
  • Store the books back and fold the kiosk back safely and securely
  • Go out with family on the weekend

30. During the monsoon season, drying of washed clothes at home takes a long tim The interior of the house is usually very damp. It is observed that people tend to spread the wet clothes on a chair or other furniture below a ceiling fan, to dry them. Such temporary arrangements help them cope with the problem. A leading fan manufacturing company sees a business opportunity. The company approaches     you to design a product for drying clothes. The manufacturer proposes to sell this product (which is to be used during monsoons) along with a fan.



The manufacturer wants the following objectives to be met in the design:


a)  The product uses a fan for drying cloth

b)  The fan must be integrated with the product during its use in rainy season and must be usable as a “normal fan” during other seasons.

c)   The product should be foldable and compact for storag


31. There are many local innovative transportation solutions that mostly operate in rural Ind These vehicles are flexible to carry large number of people, smaller machine equipments, agro-machinery and even livestock like cattle, goat, etc. These transport systems are neither safe nor comfortable but are indispensible in rural scenarios. At times, these are the only modes of transportation available. You are expected to think about the context, the target users (needs and expectations), and    the purpose of the vehicle, along with aesthetic and safety considerations. Your observations and insights should lead to the development of original solutions. You are free to choose one concept over others, develop the final rendering and detail the key features of the final concept.





Design a context sensitive, safe, workable and pleasing 4-wheeler vehicle for hilly regions that fulfils the following criteria:

a)  Carrying capacity of at least 6 passengers, including the driver.

b)  Has aconvertible space that can be used to carry at least 1 cattle/small machine/milk cans/fuel drums and a tool  If no goods are transported, the space can also be used to take passengers.

c)  Provide sprotection with respect to weather conditions (such as sunshades).

d)  Has provisi nsfor easy maintenance


1. You are provided with a base (chassis) of 100 cm x 75 cm as indicated belo It has:

  •   aninbuilt motor and battery-charger system
  •   capacityto carry maximum load of 200 kg (apart from its own weight)
  •   a maximumspeed limit of 5km/hr

You are free to add other parts and accessories to it in order to make it a complete and  stable product.



2. Usingthis platform,imagine and sketch 3 ideas for its use in a hospital environment. B.  Further, develop any one idea as a concept for actual implementation and:

  •        List down10 critical factors you will consider in your design.
  •        Sketchand explain your concept for its functional details, features and usage.
  •        Suggest/indicatethe materials and processes to manufacture the product.
  •        Writea brief note explaining the concept and list the design decisions taken.



  1. The following objects are available to you· 2 hemispheres, 2 cubes, 2 cylinders and 2 wires (flexible rods) as shown below

Imagine five interesting products made out of a combination of all five objects. You can scale the objects to any size or dimension.


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