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You’ve been charmed and have fallen…hook, line and sinker for Design! But, the practical soul that you are, you’ve also talked with family, friends, done a bit of research on your own, and have arrived at a conclusion…This is your calling and your passion. Well, congratulations! You’ve chosen well! But, considering how huge and varied this career is, it is now imperative that you take the next step very seriously. I’m talking about choosing a

DESIGN IS INTELLIGENCE MADE VISIBLE As a career, designing adds value faster than cost. Creativity is considered a superpower here, that can set your mind free challenging you to innovate and nourish your own mind’s potential. If you can cultivate wit and find the grit to pursue this `power’, a career in this field holds great scope for you. Although design as a career may sound confusing and intimidating to all you design aspirants at first, clarity

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