The Apparel Design Programme at NID aims at educating individuals to be creative and responsible designers who will be competent to handle diverse areas of need/ situations in today’s, highly competitive and diverse, Apparel Design Industry. The Apparel Design Programme commences with a foundation programme in design. Area specific inputs begin in the first semester gradually increasing in complexity as the programme advances. A broad knowledge base is honed through a balance of inputs in History of Costume and Fashion Design, Science and Liberal Arts, Design Management. Skills and conceptual abilities are also developed through project-based learning wherein students are individually guided and encouraged to pursue and develop their own creative abilities. Learning by doing, interdisciplinary interaction with other disciplines of Design at NID, enhance their abilities to work with a team and as a professional Individual. The programme focuses on research based design learning and self development that builds and encourages both creative and innovative abilities. The programme is aligned to develop knowledge and skills to enable the graduating students to serve the industry professionally. Graduates of this programme can seek work in the broad areas of the Apparel Industry which include Ready to Wear, Specialized Fashion, Active Sports- Wear, Functional Clothing, Design Education, etc. Our Graduates are currently working as entrepreneurs, Free-Lance Apparel designers or otherwise employed in the Garment Industry