The World’s Most Beautiful (and Terrifying) Stairs

The World’s Most Beautiful (and Terrifying) Stairs
July 20 07:44 2016 Print This Article


Let’s talk about stairs. Besides providing a convenient way to move vertically through one’s house, they can also provide a really lovely, sculptural element to a design. Sometimes designers take liberties with stairs in ways that make them especially beautiful — and especially terrifying. This post is a celebration of those scary stairs. Take a gander at these 12 envelope-pushing designs, and don’t forget to watch your step.

Above: This lovely (and somewhat precarious) staircase creation is by Italian architect Francesco Librizzi.

Also by Francesco Librizzi is this half staircase/half ladder — easy on the eyes, maybe a little hard on the feet.

This staircase, from a Roman apartment spotted on Architectural Digest, is beautiful and sculptural and requires you to have really, really good balance.

A beautiful but terrifying design spotted on Archiproducts.

A suspended steel staircase spotted on Contemporist.

Designer Mieke Meijer created this suspended staircase/art installation, which incorporates a desk, storage, and a side table. It does not, however, include a handrail.

This staircase, instead of breaking up the space, lets light flow through it. Its suspended nature and thin steel supports make it almost translucent. Still a bit scary, but at least there’s something to hold on to. From Haptic Architects.

The folks at TAF Architects developed this staircase as a solution for a very tight space. It works, and it’s lovely, but you might want to be careful on the way down.

This staircase, spotted on Yellowtrace, is really quite safe compared to some of the others. But it’s still a code inspector’s worst nightmare.

Not really a staircase so much as a ladder, but definitely scary. Spotted on Our Local Commons.

A lovely ribbon of a staircase from Emmas Designblogg.

This design from Arch Daily really breaks a staircase down to its essence. The essence of a staircase, apparently, is terror.