NID students get insights into multifunctional sculpture

April 30 06:26 2018 Print This Article

AHMEDABAD: The experience of climbing a tree and relaxing on one of the branches is indeed extraordinary for most of us. Students at National Institute of Design (NID) – Ahmedabad, under the guidance of renowned French industrial designer, Matali Crasset, are attempting to recreate a similar experience by designing a multifunctional sculpture, whose design in inspired from that of a tree. The sculpture is being designed in a way that one can turn it into an informal workspace.

Sharing more details about the design, Crasset said, “The design of the sculpture is inspired from that of a tree which grows from the roots to the trunk and branches out. The structure we’re designing will be similar, and will be formed using planks of block board and plywood which can be disintegrated and integrated together back again into a tree-like structure.”
Some 25-30 undergraduate students of Product Design and Furniture Design faculties of NID-Ahmedabad are undertaking the initiative, through a three-day workshop.

“Removing a certain plank or a section will help create place for seating or a flat surface that can be used to place something. The idea is to make it simple so that disintegrating and reintegrating it again doesn’t require too much effort. At the same time, it has to be durable and rigid enough to not fall apart. That’s the real challenge – keeping it simple yet rigid,” added Crasset. The design of the tree-like sculpture will be made using block board and plywood using a special type of wood – Birch wood, which is durable, affordable and yet attractive, said Pravinsinh Solanki, faculty member – furniture design, NID.