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It adds value faster than it adds cost. Creative people are those who have the power to set their minds free. Design is a career which offers great challenges and at the same time immense scope for nourishing ones creative and innovative pursuits.

Hence, design as a career needs wit and grit capsules.

Design as a career may  sound confusing. It can be tough to find a place  or a domain to start. The  article is for all the design aspirants; to share  ideas and equip to explore the plethora of  options available in this fascinating field.

To start with the basics, What is Design?

To try and put the definition of design into a few words would be difficult, but to sum it up we could say that design is a process which gives us a solution to a problem.

Design is all around us. It is a very intrinsic part of our life. Every interaction we have with the world around us brings us in contact with various forms of design, be it good or bad. From the cup we drink in the morning, to the closet where all our clothes are stored, to the clothes in there, it’s all design.

What is the Process Of Design?

The basic process of all designing is the same. One must first think of a problem that needs to be solved. This can then be used as an inspiration to create an idea which would solve the problem in a creative manner. Once the idea is in place, a designer then starts to conceptualise and develop the product / service through his medium of design. Once ready, the product could be a prototype for further research and improvement, or if that is unnecessary, then a final product would be made available in the market.

Design as a Career

Bygone are the days when engineering and medicine were the only two professions  to choose from. Now we have a world of opportunities. We need to be aware to make the right choice for ourselves. This article exposes you to the world of design and the endless possibilities it has in store for us.

Design is an umbrella term and it can be applied to fashion, lifestyle, products of necessity, technology, beauty, or any other accessories. These are  rapidly going through a face of change and innovation due to the increasing consumer demand of preferred utility and comfort.

Fashion, engineering, manufacturing, automobiles, entertainment, media, advertising, interior designing, IT, architecture are some sectors where designers are in great demand.

Skill Required

Apart from the basic key qualities like innovative thinking, creative thinking, the ability to draw, visual perception, aesthetics and empathy with the user, designers also require the following skills.

  • Presentation and illustration skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Sharp perspective.
  • Global awareness.
  • Communication skills.
  • Commercial and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Networking skills.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Tech friendly
  • Observant

Keeping a doodle book along with self  can be great for making quick sketches of interesting designs and / or items one comes across. Make use of your cell phone camera and capture snapshots of the exact moment the sun is in perfect position, or when that car goes along well with the chaotic atmosphere of the street.

Through these pictures, a variety of compositions and colour schemes will come up, leading to more ideas building up in your head.

This  can be chosen to use a traditional pen and paper, or  digitally.

It is important that you constantly fill in your sketchbook with whatever comes to your mind, integrate  into a composition and understand the basic proportions of objects when compared to their surroundings.

Subscribing to design journals  would get you an insight into all that is happening in the design world and give you the edge. Can check out International Journal Of Design, Wallpaper magazine, Stir World, Elle Decor, Frame, Architectural Digest, Domus, Dezeen, Design Anthology, Homegrown, Design Pataki, Design Dekko, Designboom, Inhabitat etc.

Spread your wings Get set and go !!!

All the best

My next blog would be on various design courses.

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